Welcome to your first step into the world of Karatbars.

Throughout the history of humankind, owning gold was reserved for a privileged few, governments, and banks. This is no longer the case. Karatbars with gold ingots now make it possible for as many people throughout the world, to own gold quality of 999.9 purity. To make this possible, Karatbars International makes gold available in small affordable quantities of 1.0, 2.5, and 5.0 gram “Karatbars”. Also available are .1 (1/10th) gram bills that can be used for rounding out a gold purchase, or nice incentive for young adults looking to the future. No longer are savings only available in currencies that get eaten up by inflationary pressures and economic downturns. Throughout history, gold owners have been the winners during financial crises. Currency gets printed by governments to cover their financial obligations, and the result are devalued currencies. That is not the case with Gold! Gold cannot be randomly reproduced like paper money.
Gold has a track record of price and performance. The annual demand for Gold is approximately 4100 tons per year. About half is needed for jewelry production, 1640 tons for investors, and 450 tons for industrial production. The annual output of Gold from mining is 2800 tons, the shortfall in supply is made up by recycling old gold, and Central Banks selling their Gold reserves. At the current rate of extraction, it will only be possible to mine Gold profitably for just under 20 more years.
There are a variety of innovative products with 1.0 gram bars incorporated into them including the beautiful one-of-a-kind Karatbars coin. The list of products is great for diversification of individual savings, or gifts for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. In encourage you to follow our links and review the complete list of products as well as learning more about the company.
I welcome you as a customer or if you are entrepreneurial inclined join as an affiliate. In either case my Karatbars sponsor name is “roncom”. You will need this in either case. As you look to the future, Karatbars International has signed up over 300,000 businesses worldwide as K-Exchange Centers, offering their customers the possibility of using Karatbars as a crisis-proof and inflation-protected means of exchange. Thus using Gold for goods and services.
The future is here. Jump on board and enjoy the ride.

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