Affiliate or Customer

 The registrations for an Affiliate (entrepreneur) or Customer are identical.  The difference is the benefit of the Affiliate arrangement.  It is understandable that some individuals desire an entrepreneur approach and some individuals enjoy the convenience of the shopping experience.  There is another reason for an Affiliate status.   First the Affiliate status requires a minimal investment in order to qualify for commission earnings.  There is a non-entrepreneurial reason to sign up as an Affiliate.  I refer to it as a group arrangement.  It is best explained by an example.

A group of individuals, friends or family, (for this example a group of four), decide to join together to minimize expenses and maximize their return on investment.  One of the group members becomes the Affiliate and the other members a Customer or new Affiliate under the group Affiliate.  The group Affiliate purchases one of the Affiliate packages (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) and receives the package that includes the first purchase of gold, marketing materials and the initial supply of five 3% discount cards.  Each member of the group is issued a discount card and receives the 3% discount on purchases for twelve months.  With each purchase the Affiliate receives the commissions.  The commission can be passed on to the purchaser, or the group can accumulate the commissions and decide how to reinvest in gold or other ways.  The initial group can be equal partners or partners determined by some other way.  Members of the group can bring in new customers or affiliates and the original group of four continue to share in the commissions from the new customers or affiliates.  In this way, from the first purchase, the four receive discounts and commission benefits.  You do not change the original group members.  Any future groups, or individual customers, formed under the original four provide commissions for the original group.  This way you offset some of the expense incurred because of the currency conversion from euros to dollars.  Depending on the number of added customers or affiliates under the original group, the amount saved grows.

Further savings can be achieved by the combining of the group funds to take advantage of the volume discounts at 2.5 (8.2% discount) and 5.0 (15.6% discount) gram purchases


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