Buying Gold

Buying gold, in any form, is an investment.  Understanding the valuation of that investment is as important as understanding the invested value in stocks, real estate, bonds, and other investments.

Gold investing can take different forms and each method of purchase will include expenses incurred to prepare the gold for the consumer.   Today there are individuals and companies mining gold from the earth in Colorado (USA), Africa, and other countries.  Mining the gold and preparing it for sale is an expensive undertaking.  It starts with the unrefined gold, then the added cost to bring that gold to market, and then the market value will determine the price the consumer pays.   Gold coins are also another form of investing.  The value you pay for the coin includes the collectible value, the value of the actual gold content, the inventory carrying cost of the seller, shipping cost, and some value for the sellers return on investment.

Purchasing “Karatbars” with “roncom” as your sponsor, is no different.  Karatbars are prepared by Karatbars International.  As a purchaser of gold using “roncom” as your sponsor, you will purchase high quality gold in quantities as small as .1 grams.  The preparation of the Karatbars includes the costs starting with mining and then adding all the costs for refining and quality control.  In addition, is the exchange rate if you purchase in US dollars.

Karatbars International is a company located in Stuttgart, Germany.  Euros is the currency used to do business with Karatbars International.  When you purchase gold in dollars the number of dollars you pay will be subject to the currency exchange rate between the Euro and the Dollar.  The exchange rate varies according to the international financial markets throughout the day.  The Euro has been stronger against the US dollars in recent years.  This means it will cost more US dollars to purchase 1 Euro. For example, an exchange rate of .9 Euro/Dollar means one dollar will purchase .9 Euros.  Whereas an exchange rate of 1.1 Euro/Dollar, means one dollar will purchase 1.1 Euros.  This is the concept of a weak or strong dollar.  The rate of exchange is based on a complex combination of factors; including interest rates, GDP growth, trade sanctions, tariffs, demographics and political strife, among others. 

This all may seem confusing and is far more of an explanation than you would feel is needed.  I believe, when investing in any form, you should be aware of the cost basis of your investment.  For Karatbars, the initial cost of purchase is higher because of the process of preparing and selling to the consumer in small quantities.  To offset these cost the company provides significant discounts for purchase thresholds at 2.5 grams (8.9% discounts); 5.0 grams (15.8% discount), and so on.  The price per gram drops as you purchase.1, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0 and so on.  For example, on December 23, 2016 the price for 1.0  gram was 56.57 Euros; 2.5 grams was 51.52 Euros per gram; and 5.0 grams was 47.64 Euros per gram.  I also can offer you a 3% discount on all your gold purchases for twelve months.   Gram purchases in karatbars, as opposed to troy ounces in ingots, is what makes it possible for the middle income earner to invest in gold.    

The ability to include gold purchase into your monthly budget at a value below one hundred dollars is a great way to protect your future as the dollar declines in value.  I invite you to come join me as an affiliate or a customer and sign up for a monthly investment plan.  Minimum price in the monthly investment is 50 Euros approximately $55.00.  A small investment each month will grow and be your protection against devaluing currencies.   After becoming an Affiliate or Customer, dropdown the “Product Purchase” selection, choose “auto & special exchange” then choose the tab “monthly purchase”.  Your monthly purchase can be held in the Karatbars volt and your account record will keep track of your purchases.  Also the gold can be shipped to you.  This will occur when you have sufficient quantity equal to at least .1 grams.

COME JOIN THE GOLD RUSH WITH “roncom” as your sponsor!

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