For your convenience Karatbars International accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Bank draft for payment.  When setting up a purchase for payment, there is a footnote concerning “3 D Secure”.  I have called the three credit card companies and my credit union to inquire about the meaning of “3 D Secure” authorization.  In all cases the international departments and the customer service departments had no knowledge of the term.

With each purchase, I ignored the 3D Secure comment and proceeded with my purchase.   When purchasing a gift product, I did come across a “drop down” on one screen when entering my credit card information.  The “drop down” provided a selection to authorize the use of my credit card without a pre-authorization code.  While setting up a recurring monthly purchase of gold, there was no drop down and the purchase went through easily.   It is inconvenient to contact the credit card company or bank while making your purchase.  Most credit card companies and banks will follow up with you on any purchases that are not consistent with your normal purchasing habits.  This follow up accomplishes what the preauthorization would achieve.   Proceed with your purchases as you would any online purchase.

When contemplating purchases, I encourage you to consider a diversification of your savings/investment strategy by including a recurring investment in gold.  Karatbars International has a monthly purchase program that allows you to select a fixed number of Euros for gold purchase each month.  The minimum amount is 50 Euros (approximately $54.00 as of mid month December 2016) Karatbars International will keep track of your purchases and store your gold or ship it to you each month.  Shipping costs are added.  Your recurring date of purchase is the day you make your first recurring purchase.  for example, if your first purchase was the 25th of November, your future recurring purchases will transact automatically at the price of gold and the conversion ratio from Euros to Dollars on the 25th of each subsequent month.

This is a convenient and affordable way to build up an inventory of gold.  To estimate your purchase in Euros, divide your planned dollar investment by 1.08 to estimate Euro purchase value.  The exchange value changes daily, but dividing by the 1.08 will keep you close to your budgeted monthly dollar  investment.  For example, $70.00/1.08= 64.82€

The monthly purchase program is available to “customers” and “affiliates”.  Your 3% discount code can be used for the purchase.  The 3% discount is not applied to purchase price, but is applied as a 3% increase in the quantity of gold purchased.  Quantity discounts are applied for purchases of 2.5 grams (8.9%) and 5.0 (15.8%) grams.  These quantity discounts are applied to the price per gram.  For example, on December 23, 2016 purchase price for one gram equaled 56.57 Euros; the 2.5 gram price per gram equaled 51.52 Euros; and the 5.0 gram price per gram equaled 47.64 Euros.  These quantity discounts are in addition to the 3% bonus provided by your Affiliate.

To sign up for the monthly purchase program, complete the following steps:

Select “Product Purchase” from your personal “back office” page, (you have a “back office” page after you sign up as a customer or affiliate)

Select “Auto & Special Exchange” from the dropdown,

Select “monthly purchase” tab,

Complete the information requested and enjoy the recurring purchase of pure gold.  I encourage you to consider the recurring purchase option (it can be as small as 50 Euros.  A small amount can go a long way into the future.

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