Purchasing Strategy

When investing the goal is to buy low and sell high.  This strategy, in most cases, is achievable  over long periods of time because of inflation.  Even though inflation can guarantee a return, the fact is, the lower your cost going into the investment the greater the return.

By purchasing “karatbars” you gain an advantage when purchasing in quantities greater than      1 gram.  As I explained in another “post” “Buying Gold”, the cost of preparing the gold for purchase is spread thinner over larger quantities.  Even though the cost may be the same, spreading the costs over 2.5 grams verses 1.0 gram will give you a lower cost per gram.  Karatbars International encourages you to benefit from a volume purchase by providing an attractive incentive.  Here is an example.  On December 27, 2016 the following were the prices in dollars for 1,    2.5,   and 5 gram karatbars:

1 gram        $62.49

2.5 grams  $57.36/gram    $143.46     an 8.2% price reduction from the 1 gram purchase price.

5.0 grams  $52.69/gram     $263.46     a 15.6% decrease from the 1 gram purchase price.

These reductions are in addition to the 3% discount I can give you because of my affiliate status.

I do not intend to discourage purchases through the recurring purchase program of smaller quantities  ( minimum 50 Euros ($54.80 as of Dec. 27, 2016)) for long term investing.  Inflation will still occur, and decreasing  gold supplies will increase prices even further.   If your budget can handle more, then even jumping to 2.5 grams provides a significant savings.   You can purchase 1.0,   2.5,   5.0 individual karatbars or invest through the monthly recurring purchase program

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